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Complete 360 (Formerly Complete Nutrition) Was opened in August of 2011 by Brandon Webb. 

At that time, Brandon was a prior manager of a Complete Nutrition in Wichita Kansas (his hometown) and was asked to help begin opening some of the Texas market…Starting with Victoria.

After 6 months of running Victoria, it’s short term success gave Brandon the opportunity to help open new Locations for CN. Brandon opened stores throughout nearly all parts of Texas. 

Flash Forward 5 years and Brandon was given the opportunity to by out his original store with his wife Jennifer, who had also been with the company for several years helping with Marketing and Store Structure.

We were able to move forward with this decision and with the help of our Family, Friends, and Faith we were accepted by the bank we worked with to be able to purchase the Business from our Prior Owner. 

We have officially owned the Store since August of 2017 and we rebranded to Complete 360 in March of 2019. 

Why did we choose Complete 360? Well to us, many ask… “Why didn’t you name it Complete 180” and as we get their intention, we feel that with all the customers we have helped over the year, we don’t want the name to represent “Turning Around” But more that we offer a 360 Degree approach to any goal you may have. Fitness, Weightloss, Muscle Gain, Endurance…. you name it! We offer every type of solution, not just supplements.

So if you are reading this and it’s your 1st time on our site or visiting our store, just know that we will go ABOVE & BEYOND any expectation you may have. We strive to excel in customer service, knowledge, and relationship.