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Sour Unicorn Acia Bowl

Blue Dragon Acai Bowl

Emerald Ocean Acai Bowls

Chia Honey Berry Acai Bowls

Oatmeal Berry Bowl 8oz

Oatmeal Choc Chip Crunch with Protein 8oz 

Oatmeal PB Banana with Protein 8oz  

Turkey Adobo Panini

Sassy Ham and Pineapple Panini

Wild Buffalo Chicken Avocado Panini

Banana Peanut Butter (The King aka Elvis)

Strawberry Apple (The Queen)

Avocado Toast – Original

Avocado Toast – Honey Chipotle

Avocado Toast – Bacon Ranch

Avocado Toast – Loaded

Protein Waffle Pineapple

Protein Waffle Banana

Protein Waffle Blueberry

Protein Waffle Strawberry

Veggie Cup (Small)

Veggie Cup (Large)

Fruit Cup (Small)

Fruit Cup (Large)

Passion Berry Energy Tea

Blackberry Lime Energy Tea

Strawberry Lemonade Energy Tea

Lemon Berry Energy Tea

Strawberry Mint Julip Energy Tea

Watermelon Refresher Energy Tea

Cucumber Refresher Energy Tea

Orange Slice Energy Tea

Cherry Limeade Energy Tea

Mango Pineapple Energy Tea

Pineapple Passion Energy Tea

Texas Tea Rehydrating Tea

Blue Ocean R&R Rehydrating Tea

Cherry Limeade R&R Rehydrating Tea

Watermelon Lemonade R&R Rehydrating Tea

Blueberry Lemonade – Energy

Strawberry Pineapple – Energy

Tropical Acai Rehydrating Tea

Cucumber Refresher Rehydrating Tea

Watermelon Refresher Rehydrating Tea

Triple Berry Granola Protein Smoothie

Elvis Protein Smoothie

Crazy Monkey Protein Smoothie

Strawberry Banana  Protein Smoothie

Banana Split Protein Smoothie

Pina Colada’ Protein Smoothie

Sunrise Protein Smoothie

Strawberry Delight Protein Smoothie

French Vanilla Iced Protein Coffee

Nitro Brew Coffee